Starting with Redshift on a Render Farm: A Guide for 3D Artists

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If you’re a 3D artist, you're likely already familiar with the potential of Redshift. As a GPU-accelerated render engine, it promises stunning visuals. Yet, there are instances where your personal GPU might fall short. Enter the concept of a render farm. Today, we'll discuss two methods to utilize Redshift on a render farm, using Drop & Render as our case study.

1. Application Rendering

When using application rendering, the Redshift job is rendered in conjunction with your primary 3D application, such as Cinema 4D, Houdini, or Blender. With Drop & Render, you can harness the power of specially crafted in app plugins for these applications, allowing you to submit jobs without ever leaving your 3D software interface.

Drop & Render will essentially recreate the environment of your workstation. This means the plugin will identify your Redshift version, the version of your 3D application, and any other plugins you might be using. With over 60 versions of Redshift available on our farm, rest assured that your specific version will be automatically selected.

This method is extremely easy and feels just like rendering locally and all Redshift features are support



Here is a video we created on how to render redshift jobs on a render farm. Within your 3D application.

2. Standalone Rendering

Standalone rendering means we render with the Redshift Commandline. This method requires you to create Redshift Proxy files (.rs files), which can be rendered directly with Redshift. These proxy files essentially encapsulate everything about your scene, ensuring faster render times as no conversion is needed.

Each .rs files contains your: camera, redshift render settings, AOV’s, all geometry, output settings ect. This file is always the same as your Redshift IPR preview.

Every application supported by Redshift has the option to export a Redshift Proxy Sequence. For instance, in Cinema 4D, you can find it under File -> Export -> RS Proxy (*.rs). Once the export is done, each frame of your animation is converted into a proxy file.

Time to submit the project

When you install Drop & Render you install something called our Cloud Manager. This tool acts as a bridge between your workstation and the render farm. Simply drop your proxy file into the Cloud Manager, choose your Redshift version, make any necessary tweaks, and let the render farm, equipped with over 400 GPU cards, take over!

Download the cloud manager here



Ready to turbocharge your rendering? Whether you choose Application Rendering or Standalone Rendering, the power and efficiency of a render farm are undeniable.

Happy rendering