Our X-particles 特点

  • 支持所有版本的X-Particles
  • 为农场缓存模拟的简易指南
  • 我们的C4D插件针对X-Particles的自定义检查
  • 支持Cycles 4D或任何其他渲染引擎

Supported software for X-particles

我们支持所有 X-particles 版本。我们的 C4D 插件将检测您的版本并在渲染农场上使用该版本。 我们还支持实验版本,这意味着您可以使用旧版本或最新版本。我们每周更新所有插件,以确保您的版本被列出。


C4D Plugin

Our C4D Plugin

On our farm, you never need to leave Cinema 4D to submit your render jobs:

We've developed a powerful plugin that checks your project and allows you to submit it with just a single click.

When examining your project, we scan for over 300 settings and alert you to any potential issues. Simultaneously, we verify your X-particles version to ensure we utilize the same version on our farm.

There's no need to gather your assets manually; our system handles that for you. We locate all the necessary assets for your job and remap them using a special script on our end. These files will also be synchronized for 7 days, meaning you won't have to upload your assets repeatedly. Our aim is to make the rendering process as straightforward as starting a job locally. You can monitor your job through our web interface or even our mobile apps.

Should you have any inquiries about our service, please don't hesitate to reach out. Even though much is automated, we're always there to assist you.