Compare NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation

Our comparison tool allows you to evaluate two hardware models side by side, Below the graphs, you will find detailed benchmark results and specifications that help you make the best choice for your 3D rendering needs.

NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation

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Data Collection Methodology

The benchmarks presented here are gathered through a variety of sources and tests to ensure accuracy and reliability:

  • Our Own Benchmarks: We conduct extensive testing with our GPU and CPU models on our farm.
    Over the past six years, we have tested over 1,000 GPU cards and 500 CPU processors.
  • Calculated Scores: Scores marked with an asterisk (*) are based on our own calculations using machine learning algorithms.
    These calculations are performed only when we have at least two other benchmarks for a model.
    While not 100% accurate, these calculated scores closely approximate real scores and provide a reliable indication of performance.
  • Public Benchmark Data: We supplement our data with public benchmark results from OctaneBench, V-Ray Benchmark, and Blender Benchmark websites. This helps fill in any gaps and ensures comprehensive coverage.