General Q&A

  • What drives the Drop & Render team? Discover Our Story
    Drop & Render consists of a small and dedicated team that caters to your every render-need. With our home base in The Netherlands, we provide our service to professionals and companies all over the world.

    Our main goal is to create advanced, but user-friendly tools to speed up your workflow. Whether you are a busy independent contractor or a member of a big studio in need of many different features, we at Drop & Render help you to make those tight deadlines and save on time and money.

    We are a team of hard working 3D software enthusiasts that operate seven days a week. We are always looking into new ways to improve our service and getting your images to you in just a blink of the eye (not literally, although that would be awesome)!
  • What software do you support and do you also support my version?
    Visit this page for a comprehensive list of all software supported by Drop & Render. For Cinema 4D, we support nearly all major render engines and plugins.

    Supported Cinema 4D

    The best part? We always support your version. Our Cinema 4D plugin intelligently detects all your plugins and their versions. Then, we replicate a Cinema 4D environment matching your setup, virtually eliminating version-related issues and significantly increasing the success rate of your projects.

    Rest assured, we consistently offer the latest versions of all plugins, with daily updates
  • How do I calculate the price for my job?
    For a quick estimate, utilize our price calculator available on our website.


    For a more detailed calculation, the most accurate method is to submit a few frames to the render farm and multiply this by the total number of frames you need to render.

    Another option is our Deadline Control feature. This tool helps us better understand your deadline and maximum budget, allowing you to submit your job with confidence, knowing it aligns with your requirements.

    Learn more about Deadline Control in this video:

  • Looking to connect? Find out how to contact us.
    For Existing Account Holders
    If you already have an account, please navigate to your dashboard and click on the support page. Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any questions you might have.

    For New or Non-Account Holders
    Don't have an account yet? No problem! Feel free to use the chat system available on our website for immediate assistance.

    Direct Contact for Additional Inquiries
    Should you have questions that our support system cannot address, please reach out to us directly at info(at)dropandrender(dot)com.

    Our Business Hours
    Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM
    Saturday and Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM
    Time Zone: CET (Central European Time)

    Our Headquarters
    Prinsenstraat 12
    3311 JS
    Dordrecht / Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

    Official Details
    VAT Number: NL863831965B01
    Chamber of Commerce: 86013165

Pro Series

For more advanced usage of our tools we made a whole series of video tutorials, which will help you tremendously improve your workflow. It can save up to 30% on your credits and render times.

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    Optimize Your Render with a Custom Slice Number

    Using a custom slice number lets one machine render multiple frames while only initializing your project once, saving up to 30% in both render times and costs. Works especially well on faster renders!

    plugin optimization cost
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    Understanding Render Priorities

    Our priority system has three levels: Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. The higher the priority, the faster new machines can start working on your projects!

    speed priority
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    Connect Your Entire Office to Drop & Render

    We offer a robust system for a team of artists to work together. You can monitor and download one another's work efficiently, all without having to disturb them!

    plugin workflow teams
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    Submit a Custom Frame Range to the Farm

    Only need to render a sequence of your project, or need to see a couple of specific frames? You can set custom frame lists from right within our plugin!

    plugin tips
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    Render Large Still Frames with Tile Rendering

    Tile rendering splits a single frame amongst multiple machines, letting them work on it at the same time. Each tile is then seamlessly stitched back and delivered as a single frame!

    features speed workflow
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    Estimate Render Time and Costs with Deadline Control

    Our plugin's Deadline Control system provides upfront estimates for both render times and costs, letting you know what to expect before you even submit a render!

    plugin cost
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    Cinema 4D Take Rendering Support

    Our farm includes native support for Cinema 4D's 'Takes' feature, letting you upload all your project's variations in a single click!

    features tips workflow


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